I honestly can’t say enough good things about Canine India. Tea Rose is very energetic and a constant chewer and Canine India has been a life saver. Their chew packs keep her occupied (and out of mischief) and have made her teeth much cleaner! Also, Julia has always been so helpful and kind with finding  things that Tea Rose likes—and has given me a ton of insight on feeding her a healthy diet! Tea Rose and I both love Canine India and I can’t stop telling everyone.”
Tali & Tearose-
Lorking is a 1 and half year old red nosed American pit bull terrier, who’s super picky about what he eats. As a 1st time dog mother, I have tried a lot of food from all kind of brands. I have also been skeptical about trying raw meat, and how he might end up smelling of raw meat.
All this changed when we tried Canine India. The food has not only helped him with his teeth, gums, tumtum but also keeps him from boredom.Usually, it’s hard to find the right meal post -surgery. Lorking refused to eat anything other than canineindia. He didn’t suffer post surgery sickness.
He’s even said goodbye to travel sickness and enjoys his knick knacks while traveling.We are grateful and thankful to Julia for helping us find the right meals. She’s always been just a text way with his aliments.
I firmly believe that it’s a must try for every Paw-parent out there. Lorking gives it a 4 paws up and he says it’s Lorking approved.
Lissica & Lorking-
Before Canine India, Roxy was eating cookies and treats made by large corporations who don’t care about what you’re feeding your furbaby. As a result, Roxy wasn’t getting a lot of treats and definitely nothing to chew on. Then I came across Canine India on Instagram and man, is Roxy thankful. She’s tried a variety of treats made by Julia, with love, and she cannot get enough of it. When we get a new shipment, Roxy cannot wait to rip it open and get busy for the rest of the day. Roxy’s favorites are the duck chunks, everything in the beef chew pack and the prawns. If you’re looking for a healthy snack or a meal replacement for your best friend, you cannot go wrong with Canine India. Thanks for all the yummies Julia, Coco and Teddy ❤️
Ruby & Roxy-
The first time I saw Rico drool was when I showed him a treat from Canine India!
He was never food driven until he was introduced to Julia’s gourmet treats ! He will literally do anything and everything for a single treat from Canine India. Highly recommended, Very good quality, ethically sourced, and your dog will love you even more (yes, that is possible)! The perfect meal for your perfect pooch!
We are ever so Grateful!
Chandni & Rico-
Well, when it comes to my furry baby – Bitsy, I prefer all customized & organic. So, for treats too, I prefer from Canine India. Bitsy woofs you for offering a variety of organic treats.
Since Bitsy has been majorly on your treats, her digestive issues have sorted to quite an extent. Also, Bitsy being a fussy eater, approves all the treats you have to offer! Keep Going!
Deepika & Bitsy-
Canine India has genuinely been the best thing I’ve found this past year. Hating that I couldn’t find anything aside from raw hides and yak chews, Canine India is everything for my dog, Sunshine, and I. Everything from the fish, to duck, to beef and goat, Sunny’s requirement for treats and added yummies to her home cooked food have been met and more. It’s SO convenient to keep a bag of small fish as a post meal omega-3 rich treat or a crunchy goat trotter or duck leg to clean her teeth up. Not to mention, if I ever have to travel, I won’t have to worry about packing food or having to get a can of commercial wet/food, with the freeze dried meal varieties! Sunny’s health and happiness is completely taken care of with no need to find commercial supplements either, which is honestly the best! I’ve always believed in food as medicine, and Canine India has made that an easy possibility for me. May I also mention that Julia is wonderful, and cares an immense amount about the people and animals who purchase her products. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Kaveri & Sunny-
Canine India has a wide variety of dehydrated treats that are healthy for your dog. Julia is extremely knowledgeable about all of her products and knows how each one benefits specifically organs and parts of your dog’s body. She customizes orders based on your dogs’ needs/likes. Orders ship and arrive quickly. My dog Cheeni knows that when that white box arrives new delicious treats are inside. Cheeni is an aggressive chewer and her favorites (and mine because they take her a long time to finish!) are the beef tail pack, goat horns, and beef “pizzle.” She also loves the beef trachea, chicken feet, and goat ears. Will continue to order form canine India for a long time and have told many of my dog owner friends in Delhi all about her. There’s no company like canine India that I’ve found so far in India!
Kate, Cheeni and Neha-

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