Truly Complete 

The guilt-free convenient option for your Furry!

Made from pure Muscle Meat, Bone and Organ without any additives you can rely on our Meals as a nourishing foodtopper or complete meals 🔆

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The Truth about Probiotics!

The Truth about Probiotics!

Why the right kind of probiotics matter! Let’s start at the beginning - do you know what Probiotics are? We have all heard of Probiotics and there...

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Anti-Inflammation & Pro-Joint Health

Edible Bone at it’s best ✨

Poultry Feet (Chicken, Duck, Turkey)

Canine India

Poultry Feet (Chicken, Duck, Turkey)

Rs. 249.00

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Locally Handmade
Ethically Sourced
100% Honest
No Additives