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Meal Samplers | 50 grams

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 50 grams dry (equals ca. 250 grams ingredients wet)

Canine India Meals are all-rounders - delicious as complete meals or  as nutritious Meal Toppers combined with any other food your furry enjoys! You can also use our meals to make routine meals more interesting, appetising and nutrient rich or encourage your pet to drink more water by making a flavoured water - our dish with our Meals :)

If you are not sure which Meals would be best for your Dog or Cat - try these sample size pouches and find your favourites!

All our meals can be stored at room temperature in an airtight container and are safe for cats and dogs. We use nothing but farm fresh (or ocean fresh) protein we obviously source ourselves and hand cut and make into meals. The only ingredients you will ever find are Pure - 65-70% Muscle Meat, 10% Bones, 10% Organs and 10-15% fresh organic Veggies.

Go for Novel Proteins like Turkey, Duck, Quail or Rabbit if your pup tends to have allergies and needs hypo allergenic food! Go for Fish or other cooling Proteins such as Duck or Rabbit if your pet tends to itch or have inflammatory issues. Go for Buffalo, Turkey or Quail if your pet has digestive issues. Send us a mail or enter your question in our Forum if you need more ideas!!

Every animal is different so mixing and matching is always a good idea, find out what your particular baby does best with and relish a wholesome sustainable healthy life with them!

Introduce by the spoon and increase upto 50 grams per 10kg bodyweight daily.

All Meals are made with organic Carrots, Insect Meal is made with Pumpkin!
Anti Inflammation meal is 100% NonVeg 
Insect = Black Soldier Fly

Want to know more? Here's an introduction video of Canine India Meals:

We are lead by a powerful dedication to nature and including as many natural elements into our lives as possible. That means caring for all animals - which is why we only source from local farms where we know nature is allowed to be the boss. We know what we are doing - constantly setting new standards by constantly furthering expertise in studies as well as daily practice with Street Dogs and Cats as well as professional consulting. We are honest about everything we do, in fact we want you to ask us questions because we are proud of our quality, processes and knowledge. At Canine India you can trust .

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Our Food stays well as long as it is kept safely away from moisture - store in a dry place at room temperature or in the fridge / freezer.

Store Chews between Chewing Sessions wrapped in a cloth in a dry place.

Meal Samplers | 50 grams
Rs. 299.00