Your Pets’ personal Chefs!

Get to know Us!

Canine India is a passion project and home to a lot of care and attention to Detail. We are all different and bring different skills and perspectives to the table… ehem … bowl - but the bottom line is we want to do the best we can to serve your Dogs and Cats!

The Canine India Team

The butlers to our warehouse dogs

The humans of Canine India

Meet the folks who’ve made serving your Pets and all the streeties their lifes’ purpose!

Our Operations are managed and hands-on led by our Mithra who is overseeing everything from Packaging to Nutrient Analysis, Processing and Certifications!

Our Manufacturing Site

Canine India Warehouse

Where the magic happens with constantly updated state of the art machines and the most care and love manually using them to make the best food possible!

Meet our Warehouse Puppies!

Trachea Variety


Our resident Uncle Sugar - responsible for keeping everyone on their A-Game and attentive. Likes to steal food and sleep in the middle of the office or hidden in the shelves.

Kutty & Rosy

Sugar’s two kids who moved in with their parents right before we could get the whole family spayed& neutered. These two could not be more different from each other. Kutty loves every second of everything and everyone. Rosy is a little Queen and bosses him (and everyone else) around.


Sugar’s Wifey and Mom to Kutty and Rosy came to us so malnourished and scared but boy did she come to the right place to change that. Now happily sleeping and overseeing the busy warehouse.


Guntu used to live close by and in a rough area, since he came to us and decided to stay he has been neutered and he is literally the most gentle and non-rowdy boy. He is absolutely essential for out joy.