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Did you get your pets blood-work done and got the feedback 'Platelets are low'? Don't worry - you do not need any syrup or medication, just some small tweaks in the diet and you are all set!

What are Platelets and where do they come from?

Platelets are small and colorless stem cell fragments manufactured in the bone marrow where red and white blood cells are made as well. Platelets have a short lifespan thus the body generates them in the millions every single day. 

Why are Platelets so important?

These tiny blood cells help your pet’s body to stop bleeding when a cell is damaged by plugging the blood flow and allowing it to heal.

This plug is called a blood clot and is formed by platelets spreading across the surfaces of damaged blood vessels and growing sticky tentacles that help them adhere to one another. 

When there aren’t enough platelets, every small injury could cause excessive blood loss which is why it is important to maintain an optimum platelet count, especially pre or post surgery.

How to increase Platelets without Syrups and Pills?

If your pet is diagnosed with low platelet count, you can treat that naturally with the right food! Food items that will take care of your pets platelets without any side effects include:

  • folate-rich foods,
  • foods rich in vitamins B-12, C, D, K, and
  • iron-rich foods

These would include plenty of dark red meat like Emu, Beef and Organ Meat from cooling proteins, if possible. Additionally, always try to balance warming (chicken, mutton) and cooling (duck, fish, rabbit, emu) proteins in your pet’s diet.

To give you all of the nutrients your pet needs and is craving in one convenient serving we created the Platelet Power Supplement which is made of Goat Myoglobin (extremely rich in Iron), Duck Offal (anti inflammatory and super dense in vitamins), Pumpkin and Carrot (Vitamins and fibre). 

Give this supplement a shot to give your pet’s platelets the power up they need - we have used it to prep our streeties for spaying surgeries and it has worked wonders!



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