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Julia here, thank you for checking out our homepage!

It’s been a long journey to this launch and we could not be happier it’s finally here!

I am the founder of Canine India and a big dog nutrition nerd! I was born and raised in Germany and went to University in New York and Vienna. My degrees are law and journalism which led me to a job in Austrian politics but since my (now-) husband Harish was going to move back to Chennai from Germany, I have been a proud Chennaite since ‘17!

Hello canine India

Now to the important stuff: the puppies!

After we arrived in Chennai it didn't take long until we adopted one beautiful girl, Coco, and this year we adopted a wonderful little Boy, Teddy.

Having raised dogs back home in Germany since I was a kid, I was confident to be able to provide our babies the best life.

But boy did I struggle.

Hello Canine India

Hello Canine India

I have been raw feeding and learning about dog nutrition, obedience and agility training for the past twenty years. Since we had our first dog, a rescue great Dane named Bodo, I have seen the difference simple changes to the dogs' diet can make many times over.

If my Mom hadn’t started teaching me about this, I might have never known - I am so grateful for what I have learned. The power of knowledge about this made me passionate about helping other pawrents help their babies.

That’s why I started Canine India - Indias only species appropriate Dog-Food.

We all here care about every furbaby out there and know the struggle of feeding species appropriate is real. That’s why at Canine India you get not only the nutrition you need but also the advice and understanding for your individual pup from a certified pet food nutritionist.

We always make sure to source our proteins locally, organic when possible. We only use meats from whole animals, there is no byproduct or anything but the whole real deal in our products. We never heat or cool on Plastic. We never add any preservatives, salt, additives, soy, corn or wheat because we understand your dogs' digestion and care about it.

The ingredients used are carefully selected for their nutritional value. The bones we offer are 100% safe to chew on since I put a lot of effort into sourcing bones with the appropriate density and make sure to use the correct temperatures for long periods of time to change the structure of the bone to almost powder.

We NEVER use animal by-products or any chemicals or waste products. All of our items are made out of the highest quality human-grade ingredients and meats. We source whole animals and hand process, so we know exactly what goes into your dogs’ treats and guarantee the best quality.

Food is medicine and visits to the vet and medication are often unnecessary if you know how to adapt the diet to certain issues.

Let food heal. I am here for you and your pet.

Stay tuned here for tips and tricks around nutrition and your pups well-being in general!

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