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Taking your Puppies out is insanely important for their development but there are scary things luring outside - viruses & bacteria.

I still firmly believe in taking dogs out as soon as they come home. We’re talking about 5-15 minute walks or trips to the restaurant or beach with small puppies here after all so monitoring should not be an issue. 

If you buy a dog or rescue from a shelter the puppy should have received it’s first shots and with some care and monitoring I don’t see a big issue to explore a bit.

If you adopt a Streetie then you know they’ve already been building their immunity because they had to and with some care and monitoring you also shouldn’t have an issue on walks.

Keeping your Puppy inside is all about decreasing a small chance of getting a bad disease a little further but also preventing the immune system from developing altogether.

Let’s look at some of the typical vaccinations to see what I mean :

Canine Distemper:
A horrible disease transmitted by air from an infected animal, that means you’d have to get close to an infected animal or have your puppy drink from a bowl that a distemper carrying dog drank from. 

Heart Worm:
This is transmitted by mosquitos and can’t be avoided by staying inside anyway, rather spray some Apple Cider Vinegar solution  and feed little garlic. 

Parvo Virus:
Is transmitted by touch, so even a human going outside and having contact with an infected surface and then touching the puppy can transmit it.

Spreads through direct contact with an infected animal.

So chances of infecting aren’t necessarily gone when keeping Puppies inside and they don’t have to get sick when going out.

Last but not least at all

How does immunity work?

Puppies make their own antibodies. Each time they get infected with a virus or other germ - as we know there’s more than just the dreadful ones we vaccinate against - their immune system starts to work. They make new antibodies that will protect them now and in the future.

 Immunity develops in a puppy and grows only when challenged.

Puppies need good food and good probiotics to develop a strong immune system by being exposed to different bacteria and environments. 

So all of these scary diseases are threats to be aware of and the vaccination against these as a puppy are important even if it’s a lot of drugs for a little body but by keeping an eye on your puppy and not letting them eat poop or dirt you can safely take them out and help them become strong adults.

What do you think?

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