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Whole Crabs 🦀 | Omega 3, essential minerals & protein

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The superfood you didnt see coming - crustaceans! 

Yes you can import GLM  Powder but you can also  let you pet thrive on locally available superfoods!

Canine India Whole Crabs have plenty of benefits beside the fantastic light crunch - the meat is lean, butdting with highly digestible protein, Omega 3 and carries plenty of more nutrients. 

Crabs are proven to reduce cholesterol, they improve nervous system health, fight allergies and more.

Now for the shells - they contain significant levels of chitin which is a unique gut and immunity booster. Additionally you find asthanxatin which is an antioxidant you will find in many supplements - here you get it in its fully absorbable natural form. Asthanxatin is beneficial to immunity and cell health. 

Give these delightful local and reslurceful treats a try!

Product Details

Super dense in essential Vitamins, Minerals and Omega 3 making it a perfect addition to kibble or Chicken & Rice Diets
Whole Crab
Drying Ratio 1:4.5
3-4 pc per 10kg bodyweight daily

We are lead by a powerful dedication to nature and including as many natural elements into our lives as possible. That means caring for all animals - which is why we only source from local farms where we know nature is allowed to be the boss. We know what we are doing - constantly setting new standards by constantly furthering expertise in studies as well as daily practice with Street Dogs and Cats as well as professional consulting. We are honest about everything we do, in fact we want you to ask us questions because we are proud of our quality, processes and knowledge. At Canine India you can trust .

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Our Food stays well as long as it is kept safely away from moisture - store in a dry place at room temperature or in the fridge / freezer.

Store Chews between Chewing Sessions wrapped in a cloth in a dry place.

Whole Crabs 🦀 | Omega 3, essential minerals & protein
Rs. 499.00

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