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Getting your Pets' bloodwork done often means some sort of scare. But is it all really that bad? What do values and levels actually tell you?

What does a blood test show?

A blood test is a snapshot of your pets health when the test was done and it’s extremely important to keep the circumstances of the moment in consideration.

Many times test results don’t provide a definite answer. If your dog’s BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) results are high, it might be a sign of kidney disease or it might just mean your dog didn't have enough water before the test was done (BUN levels rise with dehydration). Similarly, if your female pet is in heat - they lose a lot of blood, so blood work done at the time might give wrong results about their general state. Good food can also raise BUN - and that’s perfectly normal. The nitrogen in real protein sources elevates it’s levels in the body - so be aware of your pet’s individual situation when evaluating the blood work.

What happens when blood is contaminated?

There are many reasons why blood work can be off, most of them are traced back to the wrong diet or excessive medication / synthetic supplements.

The most common reasons for blood work being off are -

  • Processed and synthetic foods strain the renal system. When that happens, the kidneys and liver are unable to flush out all the toxins and thus release chemicals back into the bloodstream that shouldn’t be there. This might also result in UTIs or Bladder Stones.

  • The other reason can be that pathogens from the gut leak into the bloodstream. This happens when the pets body is inflamed from processed foods, making the stomach lining weak and swollen or if the diet is lacking a balance of warming and cooling proteins.

In the situations mentioned above, the body responds with an auto-immune reaction that tries to attack the unwanted intruders. The skin is often one of the first to visibly get affected by processed foods as it is the biggest organ and when the liver and kidneys are overworked the skin tries to flush out toxins resulting in rashes.

How to heal with food?

A good platelet count helps prevent the body from attacking itself. To maintain an optimum level, you need to focus on a few different things now: Anti-inflammatory foods, Vitamin rich foods and Iron!

You can help increase platelets by feeding plenty of dark red meat like Emu, Organ Meat from cooling proteins if possible. Additionally, always try to balance warming (chicken, mutton) and cooling (duck, rabbit, emu) proteins in your pet’s diet.

Another convenient way to have it all in one is our Canine India Platelet Power Supplement - made of nothing but slowly dried Goat Myoglobin for extreme Iron and Mineral boost, Duck Organs to provide anti inflammatory and super dense Vitamins, a tad of carrot and pumpkin to provide the phytonutrients and round it off. An all natural supplement for dogs and cats - it combines the richest and most bioavailable sources of nutrients to get those platelets rising!

So don't stress, just take a good look at your pet and the report and make some tweaks in food before you reach for syrup and pills - your furry will thank you ❤️

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