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You're feeding your pet protein and stick to the clean Fillet that you would prefer yourself?

Cats and Dogs need and want the parts that we might think are gross ... and here is why:

A wholesome diet for your pet needs to offer as much nutritional balance and variety as possible. Dogs and cats need to eat the right food, including organ, to support their renal system, the digestive process and overall immunity.

Organ Meat should make up about 10% of your healthy pet's diet and even more with certain medical conditions. Liver as a secreting Organ is the most important one to feed and if you can not feed any other organs, then at least Liver should be the one that you never omit.

Liver has many benefits for your pets! Liver is very dense in nutrients and vitamins as all organ meats are, so be sure to introduce it slowly and in low quantities. Feeding your pet liver can even help alleviate skin rashes or dermatitis as it fights inflammation and helps the renal system filter out toxins that would otherwise cause skin issues in your dog or cat.

While Liver should make up 5% of their diet, it is great to additionally feed other organs like heart, kidney, lung, gizzard in rotation to make up for the remaining 5% organ in their diet while offering variety and nutrition from different protein and organ sources.

Organs are an extremely important part of the diet for both dogs & cats. However for cats, it’s essential to include the nutrient ‘taurine’ in their diet to supply complete nutrition, as their bodies cannot manufacture it on their own. Taurine is found in high amounts in poultry hearts and liver.

If your dog or cat has kidney issues, liver issues, UTI or other inflammatory stress, feeding organs will give your pet's organs the building blocks they need to be strong and boost the immune system to heal their body naturally.


How to Make Your Dog or Cat Eat Liver?

If your cat or dog does not like the taste of raw or cooked liver, don’t give up yet - you can try our range of air-dried organ treats, for example dehydrated Rabbit Liver or dehydrated Chicken Liver & Hearts treats.
If the treats are a little difficult to handle for you, our
Multivitamin Powder is a fantastic supplement option for your pet made with nothing but liver and whole organic fruit!

Our natural and handmade treats are a good way to introduce new proteins into your pet’s diet. The transition will be easier as you can easily portion and store our air-dried treats for dogs and cats as well as they are easy to digest and most dogs and cats love the texture of our healthy treats. 


Including Liver Into Your Pets Meals 

Try adding just very small amounts of home cooked, raw or dehydrated Liver to your dog or cat’s bowl and increase the amount to 5% of their diet over time as your pet adapts to the new addition. 


The More You Know

Your pet's liver can regenerate! So feeding your dog or cat a better diet will help them fight diseases and replace damaged cells with completely healthy ones.

Pets with Liver Issues are most commonly advised a low Protein Diet but that only makes the problem worse - we wrote a blog explaining why, and how you can heal liver issues in pets naturally and long term with food, which you can read here.

Off-the-shelf Liver Supplements might cause more damage than they benefit - synthetic nutrients are not fully digestible for your dog or cat, so they might ultimately clog the liver and kidneys more, rather than help. Canine India supplements are perfect to give your pet’s body what it needs to heal in the most natural way.

Making sure your Pet Food is sourced ethically and directly from farms is the only way to ensure the highest nutritional availability in the meat. We at Canine India only source responsibly so you can be sure our food is of the highest nutritional value!

You can check out our whole range of Organ Mixes & Supplements here.


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