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Hypo-allergenic, resourceful, Non-Veg and also Non-Meat: Insect is the miracle ingredient for your pet!

10 Reasons to try our Insect Protein Range!

  1. Insect Protein is hypoallergenic!
    We use locally grown Black Soldier Fly for our meal toppers and treats as Black Soldier Fly (BSF) are proven to be hypoallergenic and easily digestible even for Dogs or Cats with digestive issues!


  2. Black Soldier Fly are a complete source of all Amino Acids our Pets need to thrive!
    Besides essential amino acids they are filled with digestible lipids and antimicrobial components - strengthening immunity and resilience while nourishing the body!
  3. Black Soldier Fly carry dense amounts of Omega 6, 9 and 3!
    The fat found in Black Soldier Fly overall is of very high quality -. 53% of the fat is lauric acid - a good fat that improves nutrient absorption. BSF also contain antibacterial properties protecting against Viruses and protecting & healing the intestinal lining. 
  4. Insects are extremely environmentally friendly
    Farming Insects takes close to no water and they feed on organic waste. The environmental impact of Insects for Food is up to 90% less than that of meat production. 
  5. Insect Protein is great for Immunity, Skin & Joints!
    Eating Insects help rebuild Cartilage in the joints by supplying the building blocks for the cell renewal process. The Omega 3 they contain is anti-inflammatory thus alleviating many gut, joint and skin issues.

More than 2 Billion People in the world eat Insects regularly, Wolves and Dogs in the Wild do so - and they are an extremely resourceful & nutritious choice!


Check our Range now to get more details!

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