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Todays blog is all about easy add-ons to your pets daily food routine to boost Joints and Hips continuously.

I will talk about a couple of important nutrients for joint health and then of course let you know where to find these nutrients!

The reason I need you to know about food is that it obliterates synthetic supplements! 

Did you know that one single Chicken Foot has around 450mg glucosamine which makes 1.5 times the needed amount for a medium sized dog for a day, and a piece of Beef Trachea comes in with a whooping 1,800mg? That Buffalo Skin is up to 75% Collagen?

So if you know which foods to go for you can feed your pets joints by simply getting them a few chews a week instead of administering supplements or meds!

Whether you feed processed, homecooked or raw - this is good for everyone :)

So - what to feed for healthy Joints and Hips? 

For one - We need to feed the nutrients that make up Cartilage which is quite literally the turning point here! Cartilage is basically what cushions the joints and gives them motion range and the ability to move smoothly. 

Additionally we need to feed nutrients that help general anti-inflammatory balance and essentials that benefit the joints.

Such as..
  • Collagen - an elastic protein that makes the skin flexibel as well as it. makes up about 80% of muscles, tendons, ligaments and other joint supporting tissue - Collagen not only protects cartilage, but also protects tendons and ligaments against tears
    You can find Collagen in Fish & Meat, Berries, Skin, Broth
  • Chondroitin is a main building block of cartilage, it helps the body repair damaged cartilage & protects existing cartilage from premature breakdown
    You can find Chondroitin in Pizzle, Tracheas, Cow Cartilage
  • Glucosamine is a combination of glutamine (an amino acid) and glucose (a sugar), it helps  form cartilage. It is naturally anti-inflammatory & improves mobility as it slows the aging process of cartilage (kibble often lacks this)
    You can find Glucosamine in Eggshell Membrane, Tracheas, Poultry Feet, Bones
  • Omega 3-fatty acids are a powerful, natural way to reduce inflammation, which helps maintain healthy joints and even manage joint pain
    Fish&Shellfish: The most potent source of EPA and DHA is fish additionally it carries lots of Glucosamine and Vitamins-  whole fish or shellfish such as anchovies, sardines or mackerels or shrimp are much better than fish oil as we all know, also hemp oil, Gizzards, canned fish packed in water  
  • Protein will supply the amino acids to maintain muscles and soft tissues that support the joints 
  • Hyaluronic Acid which again cushions the joints
    You can find hyaluronic acid in leafy greens, bone broth, Bones
  • Vitamin C plays a crucial role in collagen production, making it especially good at slowing joint disease, hip dysplasia, and spinal disorders
    You can find Vitamin C in Seaweeds such as Kelp, Spirulina, Parsley, Liver and Fish 
  • Anti-oxidants generally boost the immune system and help the body fight Inflammation & Pain
    You can find anti-oxidants in berries, papaya, raw honey, cinnamon, broccoli, apples 

Find everything that benefits Joints & Bones right HERE!

As you can see many 'normal' foods are all it takes to maintain a healthy body, you just have to know which ones to pick and combine! If you need help figuring out the right diet for you furry - schedule a consult with me and let's figure it out together right here: Talk to Julia 

Introduce everything new slowly and give your pet time to adapt! You got this!



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