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There are many ways to boost your pets diet, even if you depend on processed foods. There are whole foods that are available and manageable even for vegetarian households!

Let’s look at an unassuming vegetable with plenty of benefits you won’t believe!

Of course we are talking about Pumpkin - a vegetable as universal as few, if not none.

Here are a few things you need to know about pumpkin …


  • You think Sweet Potato and Pumpkin are kinda the same thing? 

Think again! 

Sweet Potatoes might share some of the benefits that Pumpkins carry (and arguably more for humans) but there’s a hook! Sweet potatoes have over 20 grams of Carbs for 100 grams! The main starch components in sweet potatoes are rapidly digested starches (about 80%) which means sweet potatoes can upset blood sugar as well as the gut and are not a great food source for dogs. 

Pumpkin on the other hand has less than 10% carbs (even less percentage when seeds are considered!).


  • Pumpkin helps fight the bad effects of processed foods!

Pumpkins are rich in Antioxidants such as Vitamin E & A (Beta Carotene), which prevent damage from free radicals. Free radicals are a by-product of metabolism but they can cause damage when there are too many! Kibble for example immediately starts oxidizing when opened due to the lipid structure in processed foods. Once you’ve opened a bag of kibble it will start producing free radicals that your pet has to process (so does fish oil btw). 

Antioxidants are your helper and fight these free radicals preventing cell damage and cancer that way - and they make the skin healthy and strong!


  • All-Round Vitamin Supply

Loaded with a bunch of different vitamins there are a few that need special mention!

Vitamin A or Beta Carotene is important for vision, cell growth and renal function apart from its antioxidant properties. Beta Carotene is also beneficial for nervous system and brain health, helping memory and cognitive function.   

Pumpkins are high in Vitamin C, E, iron and folate too, btw. Folate is a B Vitamin that has many functions among them forming blood cells in the bone marrow.

[Our Pumpkin Bark treats provide these of course in highest bioavailability, thanks to our slow and careful process :)]


  • Pumpkin Seeds are a natural De-Wormer!

Pumpkin Seeds have an amino acid called cucurbitin, which works to paralyze parasites in your pet’s digestive tract, if there should be any. By feeding Pumpkin Seeds in combination with Pumpkin Flesh you provide the fiber that helps flush out the paralyzed parasites (another reason why our Pumpkin Bark is so great ;) )

So if you should see dead worms in your pets poop after pumpkin with seeds - don’t worry, be happy!


  • Pumpkin is a treat for pets with a sensitive gut

Pumpkin is filling and a great way to bulk up your pet's meals or as a filling snack in between meals. Due to it’s high content in soluble fiber it can be a fabulous remedy for both diarrhea and constipation by absorbing moisture and adding bulk to the poop. The fiber also helps feed beneficial gut bacteria, which improve intestinal health. 

This makes our Pumpkin Bark an excellent bed-time snack for dogs who tend to throw up bile in the morning to soothe the tummy!


Our Pumpkin Bark treats contains a dash of cinnamon in all varieties. Cinnamon is not only a perfect match for pumpkin, it also has anti-inflammatory properties along with the power to help regulate blood sugar levels, making it a beneficial addition to prevent or alleviate diabetes. Similar to turmeric, cinnamon helps joint pain naturally. 

Give Pumpkin in your pet's diet a chance, it is low-calorie and safe for cats and dogs alike - if you are not in the mood to whip up the pumpkin mash (we get it - it is a ton of work) then give our range of Pumpkin Bark treats a shot!

We do not cook our pumpkin ever, we go through the intense process of mashing it raw before gently drying it pure or combined with a dash of fresh protein. Of course all by hand and with care  - providing you all the benefits at the tip of your finger!

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