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Let’s look into supplements and what they’re good for!

Supplements are fantastic and useful but not always and not all the time. Even the word ‘Supplement’ indicates this is something for a topical and short term use, not a basic staple of the diet.

Now there can be situations where it makes sense to feed a certain supplement on a daily basis if there’s an essential part of the diet that can’t be added in a different way.
So for example Bone Powder, Omega 3 Powder or Beef Boost are good to be given constantly if there is no other way to feed bone, fish or beef respectively.

Another reason to keep adding different natural supplements to your pets diet is the sad fact that the quality of our food has decreased in the last decades.

The nutrients in our food are vanishing which is why a dense source of nutrients like the dehydrated powders serve your pet well!

Statistics on the nutrition loss over time say we would need to eat and feed around 30% more food today to get the same nutrients we would’ve gotten 50 years ago.

That’s why we at Canine India stick to the most ethically and organic sources and find farms to procure meat and vegetables from to make sure to pack as much nutrients in each spoonful as possible

Now  let’s get to the other kind of supplements - the ones I’d call natures medicine - like our Green Magic or the Anti Tick Powder.

These are not really meant for long term consecutive use - let me tell you why: say your pet has a renal issue or UTI and you feed the Green Magic Powder so your pet recovers - after that you have cleansed the issues and set the body up again to fend for itself! That’s the magic of these supplements - they are like medication but without any side effects and giving the body tools to grow strong! Rather than just fixing a symptom our supplements fix the root of the issue.

Make sure to alternate to give your pets body the chance to use all the nutrients you give them before the next dose comes :)

Stick to two, maximum three supplements per meal and make sure to always question if everything in the bowl has a purpose!

So play around with supplements, see what your kiddo likes and what helps - but also stay informed and always think about why you’re feeding what you are and what benefits your pet gets out of it 💜

Dosage for all supplements: one teaspoon per 10kg / bodyweight or

1 teaspoon for small dogs

1/2 a tablespoon for medium dogs

1 tablespoon for big dogs

every other day is plenty and then you can adjust it to your dogs perfect!

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