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Are you scared of meat giving your furry viruses or bacteria?

As much as I understand the fear I think it’s essential to understand why it’s not necessary to be worried!

So what happens with bacteria and meat?

To keep yourself healthy all you have to do is wash your hands after you handle meat just to get that first worry out of the way.

If you freeze raw meat solid bacteria and viruses will die as they can’t survive the low temperatures for long periods of time.

Additionally for Canine India Air- or freeze dried food: it doesn’t contain enough moisture to harbour bacteria.

But what if all that fails and you feel like your dog ingested bacteria?

Dogs & cats have an incredibly acidic stomach inside because they are meant to touch a lot of bacteria with their mouth as their nose is literally what they learn about the world with. I mean they lick their own bums clean and eat vomit happily - that’s an indicator they have a different way of dealing with bacteria than humans, isn’t it?!

A healthy dogs’ or cats’ stomach inside will attack everything inside including bacteria. They don’t have a chance.

Like a wolf or tiger can eat old prey a healthy dog or cat can even eat old meat.

The problems occur when a dog has been fed kibble, rice, grains or other starches  for a long time as that’s not digestible and just gets converted to sugar and feeds yeast.

This allows inflammation to occur and the stomach lining can get leaky allowing the bacteria into the blood stream. And that’s harmful.

Most studies against meat are done on kibble fed dogs, because they’re damaged enough to react poorly to the right nutrition. Just like the ‘garlic is toxic for dogs’ study - yeah garlic is toxic if it’s fed as a major part of the diet but highly beneficial if fed in small doses which the study fails to mention. They rather recommend  expensive synthetics that replicate garlic properties. 🤦🏼‍♀️

For cats on the other hand garlic is no good - did you know they’re even more carnivorous than dogs! They can’t manufacture the essential taurine, dogs on the other hand can!

Taurine is dense in certain fish like mackerel and octopus as well as poultry hearts!

Anyway... getting back to the point:

Every single part of a dog& cats body is made to digest meat and there’s scientific evidence from the way their saliva is made to their cleaning habits and stomach acid. The easiest indicator is - all animals and mammals that are supposed to eat veg need a four chamber stomach to break plant matter down. Dogs and cats don’t have that. Dogs and cats digest quick and aggressive, not appropriate to get nutrients out of plants. That’s why Veg& Fruit is supposed to be cooked or puréed or similarly processed because we’re recreating the stomach contents of prey - the only way a dog eats veg. Or from rotten fruit on the ground aka fermented fruit & grass for digestion. So that’s for veg.

Feeding a dog veg is a little like feeding a cow chicken - might weirdly work but is it right? No.

Stay healthy!


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