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Let's start off by saying there is not THE one perfect diet - nutrition is not a one size fits all kind of deal.

The perfect Diet is about fulfilling certain nutritional requirements to give your pets’ body the tools to work and function.

To feed your pets the best,  we are taking as many notes from nature as we possibly can to understand how food and health work together.
Most of you know by now that your pets’ diet should ideally consist of all the naturally occurring food elements a dog or cat would eat if they were choosing the food themselves instead of getting it prepped by the human servants ;) 

But if we go by the basic rule of 75% muscle meat, 10% organ, 10% bone and a little veg then we are still not accounting for a lot of things - the basic ratios that we try to stick to are just that: Basic average ratios. Some dogs or cats might need more fat, others more organ, some need extra Glucosamine - no two pets are the same, just like there is not one diet that fits all humans so why would it be different with our dogs and cats?
That's why it is so crucial that you know your pet and learn to understand them, individually and then also understand the scientific background how you can make them feel best - another reason why our consultations do not come with a diet chart, we believe in empowering you because you know your pet best.

We've spoken about feeding variety and it's benefits repeatedly over time and also in our Real Talk live sessions on Instagram, but be aware, feeding 10% Liver every day is not the solution to the organ part of the diet being covered, we also need to vary within these categories. Feeding glands like pancreas, thyroids or testicles is a major benefit, feeding fur and skin, even eyeballs and tails - everything has its purpose and use for your baby!

Now we have mentioned all this many times and you might think it is all clear - some variety in meat and cuts and the diet works. 

But we do have to account for certain factors that are man-made, namely the nutrient depreciation in our foods because of environmental reasons.

Our pets' ancestors got to hunt and eat cattle that grazed on untouched meadows, drank clear water and breathed clean air. Nowadays groundwater comes with pollutants, so does the air we breathe and the food we eat is just not as nutrient rich as it was a hundred years ago. 

This might sound scary but we just have to be aware to work with the situation given and the way to offer your pups and kittens all the nutrients they need is to keep adding variety in the bowl in terms of which protein you feed as well. 

Game birds for example are extremely rich in minerals, so skipping chicken and instead adding some Quail, Duck, Turkey or even more exotic things like Emu are a fantastic way of supplying lacking nutrition. 

Another great source of nutrients that are not plenty in other foods are fish - when you source fish make sure they are wild-caught and never from farms as any industrially raised animal will not give the health benefits that a wild caught animal would. 

In general, the happier and more species-appropriate the animal got to live that we are using to feed our pets, the healthier the nutrition. 

Including these thoughts into your meal prep will make feeding more fun for you and you furry kids, by offering real natural nutrition you are enabling your pet to use their instincts and they will know better what they need. This might show when you get a new treat or food and they absolutely love it, then you get more and they seem bored by it - maybe their body was lacking a certain nutrient, and after replenishing that your pet knows it is enough for a bit.

So alternating what you feed will also keep excitement and joy in your pups and kittens!
No matter how much you love a certain food, you wouldn't want to eat it every day for the rest of your life would you? You don't have to change everything on a daily basis, but you cn have fun with food toppers, chews and treats to offer a wholesome diet overall. 



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