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Why the word Allergy is basically a scam...


Today’s blog is about something that can be such a big worry or such a small thing - Allergies in our dogs or cats. 


The Oxford dictionary defines Allergies as: ‘A damaging immune response by the body to a substance, especially a particular food,(...) to which it has become hypersensitive’.

That tells us what is happening in the body but as usual, we are looking at why this is happening and how to help our pets body to reverse the process.

Allopathic medicine stops here and starts the medication instead of trying to find the reason for this reaction. 

The funny thing is even the Merck veterinary Manual says: ,Allergy testing cannot diagnose allergies, but it can be used to identify the offending allergens and to formulate a specific immunotherapy treatment program’ - 

what I am trying to say today is: there are no allergies in dogs and cats.

So basically it's like having a clogged water filter and instead of cleaning the filter or checking the pipes leading to it, allopathic medicine is the equivalent of putting extra chemicals in the dirty water to mask the taste.

When we say allergy we mean an autoimmune response that makes the body attack tissue and cells it shouldn’t attack. 

Some of the common symptoms that lead parents to suspect an allergy are itching, rashes, ear infections, paw-licking etc. Even enlarged heart or UTI Issues. Ultimately all of these are inflammation responses of the body. 

Inflammation is an important part of your dog’s healthy immune response. Your dog’s immune system triggers it as a first response to tissue damage, infection or exposure to a toxin. This means that inflammation is beneficial when needed.
Now if the pet is not getting out of the inflammation cycle the immune system doesn’t know which cells to attack and which are good (this is what the heavy meds prevent, so it is not healing anything, just suppressing the immune reaction which obviously means the dogs have to get more and more meds to keep it up which ruins the renal system more and you're stuck in a cycle of going to the vet). This will also sometimes be diagnosed as an allergy or atopic dermatitis but it is not.
It is basically all boiling down to inflammation as a result of auto-immune mistakes.

Anyway whether you call it allergies, Infections, Dermatitis or something else - we can prevent any and all of these things with the right food and no medication.
The reason the diet has so much to do with all these issues is that the dog's gut is basically 80% of the immune system. If the dog has a healthy gut then most likely no issues will ever get severe.
What happens when you feed a poor diet or lots of meds, it changes the pH in the gut, kills beneficial bacteria and excessive inflammation makes the hermetically sealed gut-lining swollen and leaky which means stuff from the gut like bacteria and whatnot can diffuse into the bloodstream again causing an immune response and strain the renal system and UTI tract / bladder.
Let's talk about the microbiome here - that is what all the microorganisms like bacteria that live in and on your pets’ body are called. Most bacteria of course live in the digestive system, building little colonies and supporting each other's functions. The advantages of the colonies of beneficial bacteria are endless - they omit chemicals that kill pathogens like viruses, produce enzymes to absorb nutrients, they even manufacture certain vitamins and they starve the bad bacteria just logically by taking over. 

When medication or poor diet go through the digestive tract, the kidneys and liver face tremendous problems as well.

This is for two reasons, one because they are not able to flush all the toxins out and also the less high quality protein is fed, the more tubes go dormant in the kidneys and liver.
So basically they are starved of the nutrition they need to work and at the same time get a workload that's impossible. So in this case other organs will try to pick up the slack and help the Liver and Kidneys - the biggest organ being the skin it will try to flush out toxins which results in rashes and skin issues. 

The reason that hypoallergenic kibble does not help is that it is usually still stuffed with starches and additionally Hydrolyzed protein which basically means the food was treated heavily with chemicals to make the proteins come apart into their building blocks (amino acids and peptides) to prevent the body from recognizing the protein and possibly reacting. This process also set free glutamic acid which can be highly harmful to cells. 

So how do you figure out what your pet is reacting to?

The easiest way to stay long term confident with your pet is to know them as well as possible - don’t be afraid of trial and error! And stay away from medication unless it's absolutely necessary - medication will cause harm to the gut and immune system that will make the healing process much harder. 

If you have done anti-tick / Deworming or flea treatments recently, the massive amount of chemicals could be a reason for itches and infections, just stay away from treatments like that, instead add garlic & pumpkin seeds to prevent bugs.

All in all - there is always a way to help your pet heal themselves - be aware and always ask why someone asks you to do a certain treatment or feed a certain food.

You can always reach out to us for a wholesome diet consultation for pets!

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