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Need a quick and easy way to fill your Furry's Pantry with ALL the good stuff without having to browse? 
Just pick your  Box from a curated List with everything your furry needs, get to know new choices with our Sampler Packs or gift Joy & Health with our GiftBoxes!
ALL Profits from the Streetie Gitboxes goes towards Spaying & Neutering Streeties!
Meal Samplers | 50 grams

Complete Nutrition for Cats & Dogs

Meal Samplers | 50 grams

From Rs. 199.00
Digestive Relief Sampler (Soil Based Probiotics Powders)Digestive Relief Sampler (Soil Based Probiotics Powders)

Nature's most powerful Remedies

Digestive Relief Sampler (Soil Based Probiotics Powders)

Rs. 499.00
Chews Sampler Variety Dogs or CatsChews Sampler Variety Dogs or Cats

Curated Selections

Chews Sampler Variety Dogs or Cats

From Rs. 499.00
Monthly Treat BoxMonthly Treat Box

Monthly Treat Box

From Rs. 1,499.00
Protein Sampler (Chicken, Duck or Turkey)Protein Sampler (Chicken, Duck or Turkey)

Curated Selections

Protein Sampler (Chicken, Duck or Turkey)

From Rs. 499.00
Monthly Chew Selection BoxMonthly Chew Selection Box

Curated Selections

Monthly Chew Selection Box

From Rs. 1,699.00
Feline Sampler or GiftboxFeline Sampler or Giftbox

Curated Selections

Feline Sampler or Giftbox

From Rs. 699.00
Treat SamplerTreat Sampler

Nature's most powerful Remedies

Treat Sampler

From Rs. 899.00
Giftbox - DogGiftbox - Dog

Curated Selections

Giftbox - Dog

From Rs. 1,599.00
Streetie Giftbox - DogStreetie Giftbox - Dog

Curated Selections

Streetie Giftbox - Dog

From Rs. 1,199.00
Streetie Giftbox - CatStreetie Giftbox - Cat

Curated Selections

Streetie Giftbox - Cat

From Rs. 799.00