Bone Powder Poultry

Blend of Poultry Bones

Weight: Available in packs of 60 & 250 grams

Dosage: 1tsp/ 10kg bodyweight every other day

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5 customer reviews


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Whether your cat or dog is eating a raw, home cooked or kibble diet – adding bones is a vital component of your cat or dogs nutrition.

If you can not feed fresh bones – we’ve got you covered.

Our Bone Powder is nothing like the commercial Bone Meal you can find.

We use fresh Poultry bones that are carefully dried, retaining the nutrients and then hand grind them into a delectable and powerful powder.

It is loaded with nutrients important to your dog’s health like calcium, fat, protein and phosphorus. It helps build and maintain strong teeth and bones, is beneficial in nutrient absorption, can assist in digestion and has been known to ease gas and diarrhea.

As always no preservatives, salt or anything added but fresh, hand cleaned bones. Our bone meal is especially yum because some small amount of meat will always be included as we don’t use any chemicals or machines to clean the bones and thus have small rests of meat, tendons and tissue included.

Dosage: Start with a sprinkle and increase up to 1tsp/ 10kg bodyweight every day or every other day – adapt to your pets needs
Remember this is 5 times heavier before drying so this is very filling. Provide fresh water always!

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of our Bone Powder:

Meat Type: Turkey, Chicken

Rich in: Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins, Minerals

Ingredients: Bones

Use: Supplement


60 grams – Regular Pack, 250 grams – Value Pack

5 reviews for Bone Powder Poultry

  1. Max

    bless the people who make this food and give us the convenience of opting for natural remedies over synthetic supplements. My GsD got so much better after adding this!

  2. sanja kr

    Seems a little lumpy and I don’t love the smell but my cats are so into this, they won’t eat unless I put this 😉

  3. Rupsa Ghosh

    Absolutely love this!

  4. Jen Hahs

    The CI Bone Powder & Joint Relief are our must- toppers for every meal my pup relishes it and it helps build strong muscle and bones

  5. Vanessa Noronha

    I noticed less fur shedding in my beagle. And his fur is softer too. I am going to try out a couple more of these powders.

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