Buffalo & Turkey Meal

Buffalo, Turkey & Carrot

Dosage per 10 kg /daily
50gms (0.5 cups) as complete nutrition | 2TBSP  as meal topper

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Special Meal coming at you for that extra variety and complexity your pets need 😍

A pure and nourishing alternative to prepping food for your pup or cat at home is here – Canine India complete meals!

Here is a new recipe – and by recipe we mean mix of protein 😉 Buffalo & Turkey!

This is a nourishing and easy to digest meal with no fuss – only farm fresh Buffalo & Turkey Meat, Organ and Bone as well as a dash of carrot for fibre.

A nutrient dense add on to meals or full balanced & natural meal alternative to processed foods for cats and dogs.

This meal contains 90% Buffalo Fillet&Organ / Turkey Meat, Organ, Bone and 10% carrot. This makes it extremely dense in nutrition and the perfect add on for your pets’ bowl – add it as a supplement to boost your pet’s current diet, make a soup or mash, feed as snacks or whole meals.

We try to keep our meals as natural as possible by using only farm raised, free range and whole protein – we assure balance and most bioavailable healthy food available. None of our food ever contains any preservatives or additives.

Introduce slowly, then feed upto 50gms (or half a cup) per 10kg of body weight daily if used exclusively or 2TBSP per 10 kg as meal topper.


Our Meals can be stored in a cool dark place for up to a year.

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of Canine India Meals:

Meat Type: Various

Rich in: Nutrients, Energy

Ingredients: 45% Buffalo (Meat & Organ), 45% Beef (Meat, Organ, Bone), 10% Carrot

Use: Foodbooster, Meal


200gms, 500gms, 1kg

1 review for Buffalo & Turkey Meal

  1. Floriah Gesundaram

    We just ordered this meal for the first time and my gsd has a new favorite i think 🙂 great variety made easy. Thanks CI

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