Cow Skin Chews – Real Hide – several OPTIONS

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Want to keep your pups chewing happily long term and without fuss?

Here you go 😁
Our hand braided Cow Skin Twists and Rings are soft on the teeth but still great for scraping tartar as well as keeping busy for a while!

If you need an alternative to those nasty raw hides this is it! Cow skin – hand-cut and braided into little wreaths and chewsticks to play with and chew on! Air dried to be real tough these are a fantastic chew for your doggo!

The fur is not only safe to eat for your baby, it’s actually beneficial. It’s full of fiber which helps digestion as well as they’re an excellent source of manganese.

The detoxing effect that the bristles of the fur have on your dogs’ intestinal lining might make poop look discoloured but it’s enables the best nutrient absorption by cleaning the insides!

size reference:

Sticks – 7+ inches each

Rings – 8+ inches diameter

Combo – smaller / thinner sticks and bits, varying combinations [please mention in notes if a ring shall be included for sure in this]

Flats – simple chewy squares

Want to know more? Watch an introduction video of our Cow Skin Chews here –

Meat Type: Skin

Rich in: Manganese, Fibre

Ingredients: Beef Skin

Use: Travel, Snack, Chew

Take Your Pick

Sticks (Pack of 3), Ring (Single), Flats, Combo Pack

8 reviews for Cow Skin Chews – Real Hide – several OPTIONS

  1. Max

    OMG! Best chews ever! The combo pack lasted me 2 month wit three dobermans and some indie cats who took so me turns trying to tie through these1 highly recommend for heavy chewers looking for a natural budget friendly option!

  2. Jane Pereira

    This is literally the only thing that keeps my furniture safe! My lab absolutely loves these chews and I know they are good for him so full recommendation for the Cow Skin Chews!

  3. Joe

    Joe loves to chew whatever makes him tired. These are the best for him. My full recommendation goes to skin chews.

  4. Arshdeep Singh C

    Spade is occupied for half an hour to 45 me nd and completely engrossed into these chews to the point we have to wipe him down sometimes cause he’s salivated over himself so much. These are absolutely incredible and loved by him

    • Original Dog

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment Arshdeep! ♥️♥️ Julia

  5. sudha chakravarty

    our jacky is a voracious chewer and Mishmi is a dainty lady …these chews are perfect for them … cleans their teeth and keeps them engaged for an 1 hr to more … i shall buy this again …
    thanks a ton Julia and team for all the great stuff

    • Original Dog

      Thank you so much for the feedback ❤️ Love to Jackie & Mishmi ♥️ Julia

  6. Lucky

    We were a little hesitant to try these because of the hair but Julia told us it’s good for the tummy so we got a trial first and now ordered our first whole combo pack – lucky chewed the skin trial so thoroughly! Normally she gobbles everything but this one she sat down and spend so long with!!

  7. Robin K

    Good value for money.

  8. Rupsa Ghosh

    My golden is crazy about it! The combo pack is our go-to!

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