Duck Bites (Chunks)

Weight Available in packs of 60 & 250 grams

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These crispy, meaty and crunchy tiny chunks are a fit for all furries! Duck is a cooling protein and rich in minerals like iron. It’s also lean and easy-to-digest protein. Plus Duck contains amino acids that support strong muscles.

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of our Duck Chunks:

Meat Type: Meaty Bones

Rich in: Iron, Protein, Minerals

Ingredients: Whofle Chunked Duck

Use: Travel, Snack, Training, Foodtopper


60gms – Regular Pack, 250gms – Value Pack

12 reviews for Duck Bites (Chunks)

  1. Kaveri Narayanan

    One of the first ever products I ordered and tried from Canine India. I have never seen my dog so excited about a treat – and she is incredibly food motivated. Introducing duck meat into her diet through treats made it easier to incorporate it into her meals without causing any indigestion due to increase consumption of new meats. Sunny’s favourite part was that it came with bones. She thoroughly enjoys this product! And I’m a happy pet parent! Without a doubt I can attest to the excellent quality of the food from Canine India!

  2. Ishita Singh

    Adding duck chunks to my cats’ diet as a bonus poultry product has been a great experience. They’re bite sized and hence perfect for the cats to bite into. They love the taste of it and keep coming back for more!

  3. Dhara (verified owner)

    These bit sized treats are just perfect for my pugs. They always want rewards. Initially would give them commercially available biscuits and distinctively noticed their teeth going bad. So once I found these (along with Rabbit bites) there was no gain back! Thank You CI for the amazing treats and always being so thoughtful.

  4. Alina

    We go through these so quickly because my pack is so excited when we get the duck goodies!!

  5. Usha

    Treats I can feel Good about ethically and nutritionally! Plus my boy thinks they’re delicious!

  6. Jerena Avind

    We love these so much for our three months old husky! She spends so long digging for these in her toys 🙂

  7. Sanghmitra VK

    We have to get these every months for the community cats and my pet cat! They’re so crunchy and most of the cats here love them which doesn’t happen often with a treat

  8. Fido+Meena

    The first treat we ever tried from Canine India and it made us immediately fall in love – the friendly customer service, quick shipping, beautiful packaging and delicious, healthy and high quality treats – what more could we ask for!?

  9. Jen

    Favorite treats ever! Healthy, lean, natural and yummy for our pets

  10. Charly

    I get the Hype around these now after trying myself! My friend shared some and we’re hooked now – already have the value pack here

  11. Jamina

    Our go-to food topper when our fussy Maltese boy won’t eat

  12. Meena

    Cant live without this – says my indie, Peter

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