Pork Organ Blend (100grams) – Specials

Powdered Pork Liver, Lung & Heart

Weight 100 grams


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This intensely nutritious and delicious powder supplement  is a pure joy regarding Vitamin & Iron Supply!

Our Pork Organ Blend is made of equal parts Heart, Liver and Lung – making it a fabulous add-on for meals, water to make soup, or any other way your pet likes it! Powders are also great for advanced nose-work!

We source strictly Western White Pig from a free range farm with highest standards.

No weird smell and unrecognisable as what it is but filled with the nutrition your pet will thrive on!

Your pup or cat will probably make it hard to resist but please feed moderately as this is crazy rich in nutrition 🙂

Drying ratio wet /dry 100 grams /535 grams

Meat Type: Organ

Rich in: Vitamins, Iron, Protein

Ingredients:  Pork Organ

Use: Travel, add-on, water intake

1 review for Pork Organ Blend (100grams) – Specials

  1. Pallavi

    This is my go to for a variety of organ in my cats bowl without having to worry much about sourcing or storage. I add chicken liver and hearts and sometimes mutton organs but this powder is a request of my cat anytime!

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