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Crispy and chewy this is a great lean snack that will keep your pup busy for a second. Quails contain essential vitamins and are high in phosphorus and iron which provides strong muscle development. Feathers give a manganese boost and the fiber helps digestion.

Want to know more? Here’s an introduction video of our Whole Quails:

Meat Type: Lean, Bones

Rich in: Manganese, Phosporous, Iron, VItamins

Ingredients: Whole Quail

Use: Travel, Snack


Single, Pack of 3

Take Your Pick

With feathers and head, Without feathers and head

10 reviews for Quail Whole

  1. Max

    I tried to make my oldest female dog eat quail for a long time – ordered these for the other dogs and cats and all of a sudden Keisha also got interested and now is an official fan of Canine India Quail!

  2. Jane

    This was a life saver when we took my little one on a road trip. And oh my, he loved it! It’s a meal in itself 🙂

  3. Shruthi S

    Our first attempt at whole prey besides fish and boy is this a hit! We’ll be ordering this as a monthly staple from now on!

  4. Souwnya

    Took me a while to bring myself to feed a whole bird but after all it’s nature. Thanks Julia for answering all my questions patiently!

  5. Varsha Srivastava

    Kai & me both get super excited when we receive his box, Ahhh it’s love at first bite, and not to mention, he gobbled the whole bird in less than ten minutes, that says so much about all the goodness, all the love you guys pour into providing with nothing but the best for our babies.

  6. Rani KR

    These are the best treat ever according to my cat! We buy one every couple weeks and Ashi (my Persian cat) gets to eat parts of the whole quail spread out. She really loves it.

  7. Jim & Saghicha

    The quails with feathers and all are crazy, I was super hesitant but wanted to try feathers for the Anal glands so I got these – my dog was so into the quail that I got another pack of three next day now we have gotten used to feathers (both Jim and I) and these are a staple – but make sure to feed on a towel or balcony, it can be messy when your pup plays with it like Jim

  8. Ramani Kumar

    A perfect novel protein source for our sensitive dog! Laddoo has many ailments and allergies so we are careful with new food – this CI Quail is a full recommendation from us!

  9. Shanta swami

    good snack. Little bit messy.

  10. Srivastha

    My cat gets one of these every week split into 4-5 meals and she couldn’t be happier. Actually demands it when I don’t add any bits to a meal

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