Natural Parasite Relief

Worm & Tick Buster (prevention and accute)

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You do not want to put your pet through the chemical bombs that medical De-Worming and and Anti Tick Treatments are?

There is no need to anyway - rather trust nature and let your pet's gut thrive. Whether you have a current issue with Parasites or you just want to prevent any Bugs, Ticks or Worms from feeling welcome around your furry - our Bug Buster Powder is a safe and 100% natural way to go!


How do I know it’s working? 
There are several indicators that can give you an idea whether your dog or cat has any parasites in their system. If there are parasites in the body you will see changes in your pets behaviour such as exhaustion or digestive changes - vomiting or diarrhoea. You might see worms in the stool as well. If your pet is their normal self and has good digestion, doesn’t get exhausted easily then you don’t need to worry! As always just keeping an eye on any changes and listening to your pet is the best way to know how they are doing. If you are worried you can have the vet do a test but stay away from antibiotics and other medications unless absolutely necessary 🙏🏼

As always here are all the details about ingredients:

Diatomaceous Earth -  eliminates all kinds of worms (except heart worms), it also detoxifies blood by binding to toxins and flushing them out

Black Cumin Seeds - not your normal cumin, these little seeds are from a different plant and have been used for as long as herbal medicines have been around. Black seed reduces all intestinal praises ability to lay eggs and disables the worms from attaching to the intestinal wall. It also harms the worms itself making it easier for the immune system to take care of eliminating parasites.

Neem Leaves - we all know the plethora of uses of Neem in herbal and natural solutions, it does not smell or taste too well but even small quantities are highly beneficial to fight intruders.

Carrot& Papaya - two veggies rich in fibre, beta carotene and enzymes that support the body in getting rid of any type of parasite.

so whether you are fighting tape worms, whip worms, hook worms, round worms or ticks - give nature a chance and add this to your furries bowl!

Heart worms are not intestinal worms and are transmitted by mosquito bites - black seeds as well as neem help fight them so we got you covered all the way.

Always make sure to feed your dog or cats immune system by adding protein and real food sources as much as possible as well as having fresh clean water available always!



Product Details

Natural Parasite Prevention without Side Effects!
Diatomaceous Earth, Black Seed, Neem Leaves, Carrot, Papaya
60 | 250 grams
As preventative measure: 1 Teaspoon per 10KG Bodyweight every other day for 30 days As immediate relief: 1 Teaspoon per 10KG Bodyweight every day for 30 days Repeat 3 - 4 times a year as prevention against Worms and other internal parasites

We are lead by a powerful dedication to nature and including as many natural elements into our lives as possible. That means caring for all animals - which is why we only source from local farms where we know nature is allowed to be the boss. We know what we are doing - constantly setting new standards by constantly furthering expertise in studies as well as daily practice with Street Dogs and Cats as well as professional consulting. We are honest about everything we do, in fact we want you to ask us questions because we are proud of our quality, processes and knowledge. At Canine India you can trust .

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Our Food stays well as long as it is kept safely away from moisture - store in a dry place at room temperature or in the fridge / freezer.

Store Chews between Chewing Sessions wrapped in a cloth in a dry place.

Worm & Tick Buster (prevention and accute)
Rs. 399.00